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About Us


Om Swastyastu
May God Bless us.

Dear Costumer, thank you for opening our website, here we will explain that we are a whole bali driver group to be a Team, and from thousands of chauffeurs who joined in a facebook group, we selected membership to be around 300 excellent drivers. and from these three hundred Drivers we are selected as a member of 99 people. among us all have experience in the tour Drivers, we all have worked in the travel agency, with enough knowledge in the tour guide in bali island, that is because we united to build a joint travel business, we are the owner of this business with high disciplinary commitment we make rules how to handle Our guests are proffesional, we are genuine Balinese people who should be able to rise and try in our own area ,, we will always keep the name of Bali island in the eyes of the world. hopefully Bali can be a tourist destination in the world and for the next generation of Bali, hopefully we are able to keep Bali where the culture and traditions of Bali increasingly eroded and shrinking, although we will all try to keep Bali to be a world tourist destination, the community is very friendly and always smiling to everyone they meet..

We have 99 members from different region, west bali .. east Bali. north bali and some of us live in south bali denpasar area, for that we will receive any kind of tour you want, even though there is an overnight tour for some of our day we will serve you, we are ready to tour out the island besides Bali like tour java island.
among us all have different language skills, most of them are able to speak english. but there are some people able to communicate korean language. China. Japan. Russia … and we will also learn other foreign languages

our vehicles are ours that we always care for and check the machines regularly for your comfort and safety and we always keep the outside cleanliness in our vehicle, because that is the education we received during the work in the travel agency and also most of us have worked in hotels, in restaurants, in villas, some even work on overseas cruises, so we are accustomed to serving guests and your comfort is our priority.

if you already have an itinerary or not …? for your satisfaction, we are ready for discussion about your tour … your satisfaction is our priority … and it will be our guidance to be able to be ranked top and trusted… thanks so much for using our services 😁

Best regards.

Bali 99 Tour.